- Our Story -

The Triple Nickel Vision

The goal and vision of The Triple Nickel is to reach deep into our culinary pantry of America and deliver an experience unlike any other in our area.

We harvest the richness of America's farms, fields and ranges. We select the choicest cuts of meat. We procure the freshest seafood offerings from sea to shining sea. We offer the best of America's thriving vineyards, vinters, breweries and craft distilleries. We pair items in fresh and interesting ways. And we serve it all up with a warmth and personality that is as genuine and as heartfelt as the heartland itself. The result is an atmosphere and environment where our guests always feel at home, welcomed and appreciated. It's the kind of place we hope you'll want to return again and again.

The decor of The Triple Nickel is designed to create an atmosphere that celebrates America. Look for design elements, artwork and touches that reflect iconic moments in American life and history.

To the extent possible, The Triple Nickel will "buy American, and source locally."

Every bottle of wine served is from an American vineyard. We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the many great American brewers in the state and country by serving American-made beers.

We also recognize what many of our guests are looking for today in their food choices. We buy produce and herbs locally and organically. We understand that sourcing locally - even if it's from across the country - pays benefits to the American economy and leaves a smaller environmental footprint in our path.

Our menu is crafted to meet the diverse needs and tastes of today's American diets. We offer gluten free, vegan and low calorie selections of 475 calories or less. The goal of Chef John Fleming is to prepare and cook selections in the healthiest ways possible. We offer plenty of food selections that will make guests feel right at home. Regardless of your menu selection, all our offerings start with the highest quality meat, seafood, chicken and produce.

We also truly believe that the most important ingredient in any great restaurant experience isn't always what's on the table, but how it gets there. That's why we keep the focus on our team behind the food, beverage and service, and we always strive for them to be the best in the business.

Our goal is to offer you great service from a pleasant staff, in a festive, casual atmosphere... all at a price that reflects great American value.

This is "your place." Please tell us how we are doing and how we can make it even better for "you."